Tile Installation

A clean, precise and long lasting tile installation is what we professionally do and is actually not as easy as you might think. With a lot of planning, picking and deciding the correct setting materials perfect surface preparation following TCNA and ANSI standards we start laying your precious tiles on walls and floors with pride and professionalism.


We make sure  surfaces getting tiled are clean, smooth, crack free, solid and dry for best results. We take time to repair, patch, and level any damaged or uneven areas. We double check to make sure the surface is structurally sound and the area is free of wax, soap, scum, dirt and grease.If existing structure we remove any moldings, trim, or appliances that may interfere with tile application and check the doorjambs to make sure tile has clearance when installed beneath. Identifying these potential complications in advance will help the installation run smoothly without any delays and complications.


For most efficient layout we start by marking the center point of each of the walls inside the room and we snap chalk lines between the center points of opposite walls to pinpoint the center of the room.

After finding out our center points we will do necessary adjustments needed to ensure that we have an aligned and perfectly distributed cut pieces throughout the area being tiled.


As a general rule of thumb, we will be very careful to mix only enough of the setting material to be used within 30 to 45 minutes. We will be using the specified correct notch varying from 1/4" to 1/2" based on the nature of the tiles being installed. Using the flat side of the trowel we will back butter each and every tile and also skim coat the surface before actual troweling to create maximum bonding environment for stronger grab following all the necessary guidelines.


Now that we have primed the surface, created the layout, applied the adhesive, and cut the tiles if needed we are fully prepared for the actual installation of the tiles.


We will begin by installing tiles in the center of the room one grid at a time carefully finishing each grid before moving to the next while making sure the installation is perfectly flat, level and straight. We will use spacers and tuning systems if necessary. After finishing up the installation we will allow the  work at least 24 hours to set before walking on it.


Now that all the tiles are set and in place and has had 24 hours or more to set, the last step is to grout and fill all the joints with your color choice of sanded or unsanded grout and this will complete your tile installation.

Maris Tile PRO